Short RMT: EH had a Child from a Relationship

Dear sisters, I want to tell you that WITH GOD EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

I cried for nights, in each of your publications, in each one I felt that the same thing happened to me. THANK YOU for sharing every message that has built my spiritual life, and the book HOW GOD CAN AND WILL RESTORE YOUR MARRIAGE. I learned a lot. I read and reread and wrote down my journey in a notebook. I understood that all this was necessary because GOD wanted time with me … I embraced THE LORD AS MY HEAVENLY HUSBAND, I LEARNED TO DELIGHT MYSELF IN HIS PRESENCE AND FIND HIM LIKE MY HEAVENLY HUSBAND …

In my case, to be more exact, a year ago I found out that my EH had a child from a relationship that when I found out years ago, I thought It was done.

But it was not like that, he lived a parallel life.

I FORGIVE HIM. The baby is not to blame and if GOD ALLOWED it to be born it’s because this baby has a PURPOSE.

I also understood that sometimes we can ask in prayers and we see how GOD responds, but it is us who must believe God for what belongs to us…

Synthesis: It was at the beginning of the year 2017, so many things happened, the pain that caused me when I knew about the baby, and all those issues, but… GOD IS FAITHFUL and by the end of APRIL, he came telling me that he was coming back home, that he turned the page, that he did not want to know anything about OM. And he was going to take care of the baby. Today we are together and at the moment I am writing this, he is in a godly men’s MEETING.

GOD is going to restore your life … HAVE FAITH.


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