Sitting on the couch with my love 💟

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4 thoughts on “Sitting on the couch with my love 💟”

  1. Love your voice and what you share on your Podcasts!! He gave you the strenght and He will be with your nephew!!
    Bethia had septicemia because she had a stage four appendicitis!! And He healed her, we spent 15 days on the Hospital, and after she came out, My beloved told to give her fruits, and veegies, light meals so her body could be fighthing the bacteria and resting!!
    He will your family the cares your nephew needs.
    Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Thanks for the podcast dear, I just heard it at the right time, when am worrying and stressing about a lot of things, I guess my husband is trying to tell me to just relax and sit there with Him.

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