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The last week we finished with the basic principles of β€œkindness on her tongue” We shared about the words "woodworm in the bones":


I want to share this praise report by Aminta, who shared how He led her to give when she had nothing to offer:


Another of the lessons He gave us the opportunity to share this week is "You Are All That Matters" from the voice of our dear minister Perla who shared her testimony while learning the truth.


For all the ladies who are learning to take care of their home while educating their children at home, our dearest Jewel is sharing her experience with us through the β€œWorker @ Home" lessons. This week she spoke about Chapter: Making the Most of Schedule "Number Your Days" This is her podcast:


Finally, I share with you how my Beloved continues to lead me to share through my journey with Him learning to free myself from the poverty mentality, this week I had the privilege of sharing and learning a lot about the Chapter "Hopelessly In Need of Him” you can listen here:


πŸ’— Enjoy and share your heart or praise the Lord with us by sharing a comment!

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