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My Husband led me to start a Podcast series with the Spanish team talking about a specific topic that He puts on our hearts, first we talked about how we spend our time with our Heavenly Husband, and last week we talked about how our Husband has guided us to honor our parents, in both cases the ladies have stated that they like to listen to all of us together and that they learn a lot from our experience, that is the reason for my praise today 🙂 We have enjoyed this time podcast with our Husband very much, we feel It is so good for us and I think is precisely what we transmit to the ladies!

I am sharing our latest Podcast in case you want to see it, you can use the translation tool to read in your language and the translation tool of subtitles of YouTube to read the subtitles in your language 🙂

🎙¿Cómo honramos a nuestros padres?

Encouraging Women!!

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2 thoughts on “Spanish Team Podcasts”

  1. Thank you Anastasia, indeed it is a beautiful experience to share with the team ladies and share our hearts according to what He leads us. Ladies are getting very encouraged with the topics but I am sure it is because He is the one putting all together.


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