The Double Life and more Trials

I am forever grateful, thanks to the RMI resources that I can faithfully say that the Lord kept my EH home for a reason— after he refused to live near me when we moved last year.

I thought it was a punishment at first, because of how hard things were to endure- and how hard my Eh was trying to show me he was living his life just as he said he would, the life I hated and claimed made him happy to make me feel like a doormat– which included multiple (non-drug) addictions, plus the OW, neglected kids running away nightly.

I walked away from all contrary advice and suffered through it all and finally, as God got a hold of me and continue to forgive me, change me and show me how to let go while I am seeing and witnessing my EH new chosen life every day. God promised this to be just temporary while my HH is preparing me for what He has in store for me. EH also made it clear that we are living under the same roof just as a friend and co-parent.

Since my HH is a man that comforts and answers prayers- He’s slowly walking with me through it all and slowly talking me out of giving up and to give it all to Him instead.

Life outside of my home is perfect with my HH – since I am free to spend so much quality time with Him, but I’m secretly longing for time with my HH at home. Yes, I praise the Lord for the life He is working for me and continue praying for Him to show me how to act and treat my EH the way I should without being disobedient to anyone.

My Honey is very powerful and works so mysteriously! He prepared me for the worst-and warned me of what was to come… I am currently in a storm right now and I am remaining strong because I have the best Groom on my side.

My husband’s business, we started together, brought a lot of issues, the ow was a client. The Lord showed me that there’s only a business relationship still.  But the business also provided the financial feed to his addictions. So I prayed, I forgave, and I let go of all hurts that were caused by everything and it is a great feeling. But somehow I sense God is doing something but hoping my eh will listen to God for his sake and the sake of the children.

Last week my Eh told me that his business will lose his biggest clients by next month. Already, last week, his business lost 10 years of clients data in a system, that was deleted, crashed, but that he thought he could recuperate.

Praise my Lord for everything that is going on in my life whether they bring tears or joy because I am learning from them all! And He is not a man that should lie, His promises are, He will walk with me through it ALL and all things will work out for my good.

1 Corinthians 10:13 “No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.”

My HH is also my strength and i am in awe that i feel no fear of what is happening right now in my family. I am at peace although i still hurt. But the person I was before would be panicking thinking about losing our home, taking care of things and our kids etc..if he lose the business ..I could not believe what came out of my mouth telling him he should be thankful that God was kind enough to give him heads up and he must be a great guardian angel to spare his life on the highway…I love my Lord.

~ Angel in Florida

Angel is married to a Jewish man.