The Lord is So Good to Me

♕ Today's Promise: “Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, so that He may exalt you at the proper time, having cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares about you”. 1 Peter 5:6-7

☊ PR Podcast Ellen

I want to thank my HH (Heavenly Husband) for his goodness and for giving me the desires of my heart.

I am currently living with my husband, he came back home 4 months ago and I know my Lord is turning his heart back to me. But I don’t feel restored yet since the OW is still around and God used this trial to teach me many things like show kindness and love the unlovable at all times! Now, I praise my HH because it’s been a month since they don’t see each other and most of the time I see my EH very uncaring about her but she can’t let go yet, I can only trust my HH’s perfect timing and perfect ways to restore us.

But meanwhile, I had told my HH that I wanted to make a trip, only the 2 of us to reconnect and let my EH (Earthly Husband) go, since this is a daily task. I need to be very careful my EH doesn’t take first place in my heart because I don’t want to miss the blessings of feeling the love of my HH.

So, my HH was faithful to give me the desires of my heart when an opportunity came from work to travel away for a weekend to get some things done in another beautiful state of Mexico. I asked my HH if it was His will and also I asked my EH if I could go and he said there wasn’t any problem.

So I went and my HH was giving me surprise after surprise from the moment I got to the airport, because I was upgraded on both flights and even upgraded for a better room at the hotel without me even asking, it was just a courtesy from the airline and the hotel!!!

I must confess I was feeling fearful before going on this trip, since my husband stayed home, I thought he was going to see the OW (Other Woman) the moment I left, but I remembered to cast all my anxieties on my HH because He cares for me. So during my trip I kept telling Him my fears and praying that if He decides they see each other is because there is a reason, I know He didn’t want to harm me because He loves me and I love Him, and I want what he wants. And I asked Him to just give me the strength and sound mind to humble myself before His mighty hand and accept His will and have peace. For one moment, I thought about not going on this trip and to stay home so they won’t see each other, but my HH kindly reminded me that was only fear and I am no longer a slave of fear, because I have Him.

So I left, was great, a good experience where I met new people, and to my surprise, during my trip, my EH kept calling me to see how I was doing and one night, over the phone he said: I don’t know why but this time I did miss you, I felt sad because you weren’t here and our pets too. (he said he doesn’t know why, but I do know his heart is like a channels of water in the hands of the Lord and He turns it wherever He wishes). He didn’t see the ow, he was taking care of our dogs and working and missing me! I praise your name my Love for such a blessing, and forgive me for fearing. I shouldn’t be afraid but sometimes I still do.

He was calling me often and when I came back and he saw me he said: it’s so good to see you here because I really missed you!

And then he hugged and kissed me!

There aren’t enough words to thank my Lord and Husband for being so good to me, that in spite of my failures and insecurities, His eyes are upon me. I know He’s working overtime to finally take the OW away from us for good.

Let’s pray. My love, thank you for loving us more than we can ever think, for always giving us what we need even when sometimes we don’t understand your ways, thank you because you always have plans to give us a hope and a future. Let us be a blessing to our families and to other women. We love you! Amen

~ Ellen in México
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