Using the phone to do everything

Hello dear ones, a few days ago I was about to write this praise, and I felt that this is the moment to share with you something that may seem small to some, but for me it was certainly the action of my Beloved guiding me to read and post comments. on Blogs via cell phone. I confess to you that I was reluctant to use the cell phone, because I really liked the fact that when writing anything, having a large screen where I could use the mouse, because I didn’t like using just the keyboard on the phone, but for some time now we have been encouraged by Erin to use our phones to read, edit, post, or make comments, and what happens is that last week I went on a trip with my daughter, and I even took my notebook, but when I went out to the beach during the day, I started using the phone to do everything I usually do on my computer, and I realized how practical, smooth and light this way is too… and I want to praise our Beloved for being encouraged through the life of Erin to use whatever resources we have available so that we can be fed and also spiritually feed our ministry pages.
Thank you to everyone who has been a channel of blessings in the lives of everyone who seeks this nutritious food that we have at our disposal every day.
” For My yoke is comfortable, and My burden is light.” Matthew 11:30

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  1. Thank you for sharing my dear!!!! It is really great to see how He leads us!! When I came to the ministry I only had a phone to do everything!! And it was hard because the sites were not cell phone friendly!!
    Now I can see the blessing of having our resources available for everyone with a cellphone!
    Thank you for sharing!!!

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