w@h “Simplify and De-Stress my Life”

Dear Brides, Cooking can be stressful. Please highly consider using this card system to ensure a variety of meals where you don't fall into making the same things over and over again. If you invest a little time to do this, it will save you time and stress in the long wrong. It will make your life easier and give you more time to spend with Him and your family. If you need help, seek Him. He will give you your answers. He wants to help in all areas of your life.

Thou dost prepare a table before me . . . —Ps. 23:5

To prepare a table for our family, we need to be organized and know what we are fixing for them ahead of time. This will help make our lives light and easy and free us from stress or the daily question of what's for dinner? Also, being prepared will help ensure that our family is getting the proper nutrition and a balanced diet for a healthy lifestyle.

From this Chapter 10. Making the Most of Meal Planning, I have learned how to simplify and de-stress my life as it pertains to cooking. I love the idea of using note cards to write down different themes along with different breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. If I just invest in a little time and come up with meals for a month, writing them on note cards, along with the ingredients, then, I don't have to spend much time later on trying to decide what to cook for the week, nor keep repeating the same meals over and over again.

I love that this will keep my family from getting tired of having the same meals over and over again, and giving them a variety. I also love the tip about including the out to eat cards with various restaurants on them. This way, it will help us not go to the same place all the time but have a variety. If I just invest some time upfront and organize this, then it will save me more time overall. Plus, this will help me become organized so I won't get frazzled or stressed. This is great!

If you don't know what to make for dinner or what order to put things in, seek Him and ask Him. He wants to help us in every area of our lives. He can show us what to make or how He wants us to arrange things, giving our families a variety so they aren't eating the same foods all the time. 🙂

I will be making out my index cards with different dinner themes and restaurants. It will help me not get into a rut of cooking the same meals every week and giving my family a variety of foods and vegetables.

Lord, forgive me for being stressed about what to make for dinners or what to eat. Forgive me for not coming to You for help and ideas. Lord, help me to make the necessary changes in our home. Help me to become organized and use the notecard idea laid out in this chapter. Lord, I need You to lead me and guide me in this as I can't do it without You. Please give me the ideas of themes and foods You want me to make for my family, along with any desserts. Please help me have correct proportions and serve them correctly so that my family doesn't become obese or overweight. Lord, please help me to hear You more and become closer to You. Lord, I want and need more of You. Please help me to do this so that I may live the life You have created for me and to experience the things You want me to experience, like freedom. No stress or anxiety.

The workers@home book will give you ideas, examples, and procedures you can adapt to fit your family, making this light, easy and organized. This book will help simplify your life.

~ Katie in France

Workers@Home Course

In each of the 15 weekly lessons, the methods and principles that keep Erin's life running smoothly are there to help you get inspired. The chapters in this book will be your constant resource for getting your life to run smoothly: organizing and scheduling your time, meals, clutter, cleaning, laundry, and even sewing. Whether you need help managing the time God has given you, or an easier way to get things done, you will refer to this book again and again!

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