Most Beautiful Thing That Can Exist

Dear friend, this is the time to read the wonderful miracle of salvation in this Week 9 Toothless Grin. I learned that my beloved plans everything perfectly to give us more than we need, and I never tire of giving thanks for having known him and for having brought me to this beautiful ministry… If I had not found this ministry, I would never have fallen in love with Him, could not feel what I feel at this moment, peace, happiness and desire to live this life according to the heart of Him. I do not care anything more than to please Him, to live for Him, to feel loved by Him … The most beautiful thing that can exist, YOUR LOVE !!! It’s great, I’m sure if you’ve read this Salvation stories course! You are feeling the same as me! Blessed are you because you have Him in your heart. We are blessed because his love blesses us every day! Bendito is EL, because he is who he is! Nothing and nobody compares to EL!

This chapter Week 9 Toothless Grin is beautiful, and have much power of GOD!… is the way our Beloved works, to supply the need of someone, it is so spectacular to be part of such a beautiful work! It inspires me, it motivates me, it strengthens me, it lets me know that HE does not forget anyone, that he is waiting for everyone without respect for people, His love is so great that I can not contain my tears to imagine such a scene of the dirty, hungry and desperate man… and see how my Beloved gives him food, above any attitude and person without compassion, that instead of allowing himself to be used by GOD, he closes the door to people like that man. The power of the Lord my beloved moves his warriors, his angels, and knows where to take them, directs them and connects them with those lost … how beautiful, how beautiful this story really moves me so much!

Little by little my struggles are being won by the incomparable love of my HH, and every time I think that I can not do something, He shows me that yes, he can do many things in me and through me, and I am filled with emotion to know that He also uses me, to do his work, directs me and connects me with people to whom I can give the message of my BELOVED for their lives.

Right now I have “PIPI” in my mind, he is a young man, he seems insane and he does not speak, he walks through the streets of my dirty and lonely area. Many times I have come to give him food or sometimes money, but I have never dared to sit down to talk with him, I do not know what his story is, but I feel that I must help him, and I will pray to ask for guidance from my Beloved, and I will know how to help him. . At this moment I do not know where he will be, but I will pray for my beloved to direct me to help him.

It is so difficult to apply the principles, but so comforting to see the results of having applied it, that for me it has already become a pleasure to make each teaching of my Beloved a reality in my life, every day I try to do everything I learn from word, and I am not perfect, because I fail, but HE sustains me and helps me to continue … and that is my testimony to guide every one that my Beloved sends me.

MY LOVE: Today I have this beautiful love song for you !! Here I say how I feel about meeting you. This is the first song I heard when I met you and it made me cry until it was on the floor, and you hugged me and filled me with love !!! I will never forget it because it is between you and me !!! I LOVE YOU

1 Corinthians 1:27 “For God has chosen the foolish of the world to shame the wise, and he has chosen the weak of the world to shame the mighty.”

This promise has been with me for a few days, and it strengthens me when I feel worried about whether I am worthy of Him … He answers me with this promise and fills me with joy!

~ Ziva in Peru