EH not Interested in Going for Counseling

Dear Brides  “Who Are You Listening To? is really important.  If you are living with family members or you have always sought the advice of anyone except the Lord as I have, this is an important lesson. I have personally come across women in their marriage struggles who are staying with family members who are giving them advice and/or they are talking with family members daily about their situation. I have seen how detrimental this advice has been to their Restoration. They almost never move past their struggles into the life of Abundance our Beloved is calling us to.

Reading this Chapter 8 “Who Are You Listening To? will help you, dear Bride, to learn to listen to what the Lord says about your situation and not what people are telling you. It’s true what the writer says that listening to people and telling them too much information about your situation can lead to you swimming against a current which makes the Lord’s plans much more difficult to follow.

I have lived away from family for quite a few years now. There are members of my family that I know would have given me the advice to move on with my life when I was going through my separation and divorce. I thank my Beloved for setting me apart and showing me that I had no choice but to listen to Him if I truly wanted an Abundant Life. There was a time when I took the advice from colleagues but after I learned what I did here at RMI I realized this advice was completely wrong – this is advice even given to me by Christians who meant well. Searching in His word for the truth and knowing His word is definitely what would help me to overcome any struggles. Most of ALL would be ASKING Him for His leading and guidance.

This Chapter 8 “Who Are You Listening To? has been a refresher for me, I made the decision in my life a while back when I faced tremendous problems that I would no longer accept the advice of the world or people but I made a decision to follow the word of God. What people say and the advice given by talk shows, psychiatrists and psychologists are mostly contrary to the word of God.

Back when I went through marriage troubles my EH “earthly husband” was not interested in going for counseling which now when I look back I am so very thankful because He showed me that I did not need to listen to any advice but His word for a breakthrough. So now I spend my time with Him more abundantly as I know to go looking in His promises and asking Him for the solutions to ALL my problems instead of seeking the advice of people. All I have to do is ask and listen to Him and follow what He is telling me by listening for His voice and knowing His word.

1 Samuel 15:24 says “And Saul said unto Samuel, I have sinned: for I have transgressed the commandment of the LORD, and thy words: because I feared the people, and obeyed their voice”. Samuel sinned due to fearing the people and listening to what they had to say instead of doing what the commandment of the Lord said. This is meaningful to me as I need to live my life according to what the word says and not the advice of what people are telling me.

Pray with me: My Beloved give me more wisdom regarding what I have read. Help me to be more sensitive to your voice and your leading and guidance. Help me to be aware of who and what I am listening to. I long to be closer to you and have an even more intimate relationship with you. Thank you for leading and guiding me. Help me to hear you more clearly so that I can follow your commandments and your plans and purposes for me. Help me to remember to guard what I say so that I only share it with you.

Dear Brides this chapter will really help you to understand why it is so important not to seek advice from family, friends or colleagues. Why it is so important to seek the Lord’s counsel. The other thing it will teach you is to be discreet and why it is important not to give too much information about your situation when it is not necessary. This chapter will break down what I have said and help you to understand why talking too much and giving too much information can lead to a lot of problems and unnecessary trials.

This book is really great in really breaking down and teaching some really important principles which followed will lead to some really AWESOME blessings being showered on you by your HH “Heavenly Husband”.It is a real eye-opener. If you looking for an intimate relationship get to know the Lord as His Bride then you have found what you are looking for in this book, an Abundant Life!

~ Atarah in South Africa

Better for Me Then, than Now

John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.

Finding the Abundant Life Course.

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