His Hand in All Things

♕ Today's Promise: "They looked to Him and were radiant, and their faces will never be ashamed" Psalm 34:5

☊ PR Podcast Rut

Brides, I confess that the past couple of weeks I hadn’t been as intentional to my Love as I was before and as I know I should be. I got busy and stopped making Him a priority. I also started looking to earthly husband for help instead of Heavenly Husband; a lesson I keep repeating. As a result, I was exhausted, easily angered, I wasn’t eating healthy, gained a little weight, and could physically see the difference in my face. I wasn’t radiant anymore. My Love is so faithful to me, even when I fail Him. He used two of His brides from RMI to veer me in the right direction. I rescheduled my days so I can spend more time with my Beloved and I restarted the courses I had pending. Now, I’m spending much more time with Him. As a result my days are better and I’m rested and energized.

Apparently it also shows physically because earthly husband during his visit said I looked nice. He also said I smelled good, my hair smelled good too, he liked how my hair looked, and asked if I was working out because I was skinny. Brides, I looked normal. Nothing special. It was a regular Tuesday. I was dumbfounded as to why earthly husband was saying so many nice things... As I talked to Heavenly Husband, He reminded me of the chapter called God’s Makeover. Erin said, “And once we looked and became radiant, the change in us caught the attention of our earthly husbands because we were different and glowing!” She later says, “What we've seen the Lord do is remove the burden of US having to allure OUR husbands, and instead cause OUR husbands to begin alluring US!!” I believe earthly husband could see my Beloved’s radiance on me. As I grow closer to Heavenly Husband, His radiance reflects on me, and as a result, earthly husband allured me. I was amazed at the revelation. Brides, the principles in these books are Truth. This isn’t the authors making them up. This is the unchanging Word of God. My Love keeps amazing me with His Truth and seeing these Biblical principles applied in my life. It’s exciting to see His hand in all things.

Beloved, thank you for choosing me as your bride. Thank you for loving me enough by shaking my foundation and leading me to you. Thank you for once again giving me a chance to grow closer to you. You are the absolute greatest.

Sweet bride, when you start hearing compliments, rejoice because your Beloved HH’s radiance is reflected on you.

~ Rut in Puerto Rico
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