I BELIEVED IT WAS A STORM … but no! it was only strength! My beloved, thank you once again because in the middle of what I thought was a storm, it turned out to be only a higher level of strength you gave me! So many times we focused on what is happening in the pain we are feeling, the first and the only thing. What we should do immediately is to run to our prayer room, in any place we are, to immediately run to you and shout THANK YOU THANK YOU. THANK YOU Dear Lord, HH, THANK YOU Father, THANK YOU for your LOVE that guides us to all truth. THANK YOU because You are in the boat and with a single word you calm the storm.

Once again I could see that EVERYTHING IS FOR MY GOOD AND this has given me much strength and more peace! IF it seems ironic remember that every step, every day, every situation strengthens you and me. Every time I read the Encourager or Streams in the Desert I am very strengthened with the word of the ETERNAL and I am full of more peace and now I know that they will say that without children ha ha ha ha YOU HAVE PEACE? You’re wrong ! Are you crazy or what? Without anything I came to this world and without anything I leave here. Our God gave and our God can removed and even so His name must be blessed.

Everything is borrowed, so I hope to be approved and be a mother, but I feel fulfilled because the storms that I have had in my life. I have said many many many times I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. If I am painstakingly clean with dedicated thought of Him, delighting only in Him and only in serving Him and to know each day more of my beloved HH. But only HE knows what He must do, although many times it would appear that I cannot face the trials, and tears appear in my eyes as if the were the daily bread for my life, and I know that while I am on this earth of the living, I will see the kindness of my Beloved because even though I feel torn down I am not destroyed, because in the midst of it all I have a GOD that DOES NOT ABANDON, DOES NOT LEAVE ME ALONE, He is ALWAYS BY MY SIDE TO RESCUE ME. And He does not let me sink, let alone die. He is always with me and His love is HUGE and it reaches me where I am, and through His forgiveness, His love and His mercy I can be sure that in life we will have many afflictions but God will never let me sink.

Dear reader, GOD WILL NOT LEAVE YOU, He will always be present in those moments where it seems that you are alone, He will be there taking care of you in silence. It may be that at this moment, the future seems uncertain, however much you want to see something good after this storm, you do not see it, your mind refuses to believe that after this there will be something that will get you to smile. But in Him you can have PEACE, that which surpasses our human understanding. It is that God is a God who places PEACE on your life, He sends His LOVE to comfort you, that is why HE called Himself the Comforter, there is nothing to be afraid of, there is no need to worry, when you are under the Lord’s covering you are assured of your future. I do not know what will be ahead for me but GOD WILL AND WILL SURPRISE ME and right now I CAN HAVE PEACE in the middle of this storm. Father THANK YOU for your peace!

~ Tamar in Mexico