I Filed for Divorce

♕ Today's Promise: “The king’s heart is on the hand of the Lord, like the rivers of water; He turns it wherever He wishes.” Proverbs 21:1

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I would like to thank the partners for their honesty. Sometimes people don't want to admit their wrongs or mistakes no matter how bad and ugly it is but this helps others recognize that things could get really bad and we're not the only ones that have fallen short and stumbled. It gives me so much hope to know others have experienced the same type of pain and go through similar trials and it helps increase my faith. I lacked so much knowledge and understanding but I have grown so much and I wish I would have had people of wisdom speak to me and guide me like I'm being guided now because if I would have known all this when my earthly husband and I were still living together I wouldn't have given up so easily. Thank you so much for sharing your pain , your downfalls , your wisdom and your victory speaking life into dead situations and hopeless situations. Thank you

I put my husband out, five days later I was involved with someone but I was still in love with my earthly husband. We reconciled in March and I put him out again in May because I was contentious and couldn't get over my past hurt. I was still punishing him for his sins. About two months after I put my earthly husband out I filed for divorce and reached out to the other man because I thought he would treat me better but my heart wasn't right I still loved my earthly husband so I let the other man go but when I did this in August my earthly husband said he had met someone the other woman. I was so hurt and broken because I was really in love with my earthly husband. 

God broke me completely. My earthly husband was so hurt and upset with me that he was making me feel everything that I made him feel when I was with the other man. I see how he felt my earthly husband's heart was cold and hard towards me. But since using the resources and using the principles my earthly husband is calling me gorgeous and smiling at me and a man who didn't want to hug or touch me now giving me hugs. Praise God even though my marriage isn't restored yet I trust in God for His will and I see through me forgiving and also asking for forgiveness my earthly husband sees a huge transformation towards me and if it wasn't for this ministry and God I wouldn't be making any progress. I would still be broken but I have so much peace in the Lord and I'm happy in the Lord

Dear beautiful sister, please keep your faith our situation looks and feels hopeless the enemy will put all kinds of negative thoughts in your mind and your heart. I've been there this road is very hard but hang on holding tight and close to God will give you peace that you don't understand and strength when the enemy throws blow at you our eyes will try to deceive you with what you see in the natural but trust God He is faithful. 

When I first started my pain hurt so bad and I thought I couldn't live without my earthly husband and I always wondered how would it feel to be at a place of peace and to live my life knowing my earthly husband is out living life with the other woman but now I'm at that place and it was nobody but God and my heart smiles it's all about being content and at peace with our Heavenly Husband as you cling close to Him you will understand. My earthly husbands heart was cold and hard but his heart is turning back to me and it's nobody but the Lord. I put my earthly husband out. I told my earthly husband I hated him and didn't love him anymore. I broke his heart and I pushed him in the arms of another woman but trusting in God and having this ministry to help and guide me I'm in a better position and state of mind than I have been in the past 4 years. Praise God I filed for divorce from my earthly husband but God is showing me nothing is impossible but He needs my heart first .

~ Delisa in Texas

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