I Had to Get to the Bottom

I praise and thank the Lord that He has transformed me, changed me, washed me of so many iniquities that I have lived. Before coming here, I was not aware that I should stop and think before doing something wrong, before hurting someone or even before complaining about something. I simply did not care about the result. But the Lord had mercy on me and has led me to desert to disciplined and transformed my life. I once was an arrogant, selfish person who only thought about himself and to satisfy only my own desires. I had to get to the bottom, lose my most precious gift of all (my family) to understand that life is made of good feelings, love and especially the Word and the Fear of God.

Today, thanks to your course, I see that we have to be grateful for this discipline, we should glorify the Lord for He is building a new house on the Rock. He is casting each of us as a valiant servant to Him that will help restore many lives, many marriages and bring the Word of the Lord to all who need to hear it. The Lord’s work is extensive and thorough, although it seems hard and a difficult wait, we can rest in the Lord and believe that although the circumstances seem impossible, God is always in control.

~ Daniel in São Paulo

So far I am confident in my path. I know that’s just the beginning and that God has the best for those who have faith in His promises. Glory to God because He raised me up again when my hope was lost.

~ Rafael