I Hate being Unfaithful to Him

Dear Brides I have begun to experience the abundant life through my precious HH “Heavenly Husband’s” provision, comfort He only He gives me, the love He has poured on me and our children. I feel awful at times when I still pray for my EH to feel and remember how much we love him and at times I feel unfaithful to my HH. I think this book will flush out the remaining tie I have with my EH so I can be free to let God work.

The first chapter “What Is the Abundant Life?” got me excited to what is yet to come, so if you are as confused as I am with the concept of letting go of your EH “earthly husband” I’m sure this book will open your spiritual eyes and help you grasp the why and how just as it did with me. 

Currently, I have no contact with my EH and it was me who left him so I pray that God can wash away any remaining guilt as I see my children ask for their daddy. I honestly want to experience letting go and not thinking about my EH until I am ready for God’s will as he returns and restores my marriage. Meanwhile, I pray to enjoy this HH 1-1 time.

Everyone who experiences a marriage separation gets obsessed with the thought of when will our EH comes back. What many like me failed to understand is that this happened for a reason and it is to fall in love and experience pure love at its highest level from the Creator itself, our Beloved! I honestly knew God as my Father, my Friend but until recently have I learned to grow comfortable to see the Lord as my Husband and call him my Dear, my Love, my All. But it was a challenge as I was feeling abandoned by my EH. I kept unconsciously comparing him to my HH. I know it’s wrong but this was the reason I wanted to keep calling him Father. So with that said, this helps me place everything in perspective that this trial is nothing but a Blessing!

If you can relate, pray with me: Dear Lord of my Life, My Love my All, I feel sad, I feel confused and desperate. I don’t know what to do with my mind. I feel at times it controls me. And honestly, You are soooo perfect that you wiped my EH from me being able to contact him. Otherwise, who knows how many times a day I would contact him. Thank you because you are so perfect that the setting is nothing less than perfect. But now I want to ask you for a big miracle, My Love. I want to be faithful to You. I tried to put a leash on my mind, I’ve fasted and I pray day and night. I beg you my Love help my mind to be on You.

Dear Brides: I remember the first time my HH restored our marriage. There was a point where I questioned myself: is this it? there has to be something else? I was so empty. But I decided to continue with enjoying my new marriage. And so we did, we traveled, we enjoyed each other like never before. But there was something missing. I was walking on eggshells. I did not want to lose what I had obtained. I had more fear than love. Now I know there was a piece that I was missing, which was to get to know my Love as my HH.

I did not know about this the first time and now that I have experienced it I’m trying to learn how to let go of my EH and let His will be done in His time. I know He will restore my marriage because He promised it. But I truly want to enjoy every minute with Him before my EH comes back. This book is the answer to my prayer. And this morning, while I was praying, this book came back to my heart and I felt that I needed to read at least one chapter a day.

I’m just struggling so much with letting go of my EH but I know God will do it at my own pace. That is what a Gentleman He is. He is soooo adorable, perfect, loving, kind, gentle. I have no words to describe Him and I hate being unfaithful to Him. It hurts me! I prayed for my mind to be wiped clean but of course, that cannot happen if I am to testify of His wonders 🙂

I’m so excited to read the next chapter of this book!! 🙂

~ Alejandra in Guatemala

John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.

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