Went to Court for Four Years

I thank God and I am giving him all the glory for my financial situation. My husband and I had made a loan to the purchase of a house. As we had already given 10% of deposit to the owner, and the bank refused this loan, we had to recover this advanced money but this man did not plan to return it. So we went to court for four years having to pay a lawyer who eventually won. But during this period, this fight was very difficult for my husband and myself because we paid the lawyer losing so much money. I specify that at that time, I believed in God but I was not in Christian, but the Lord did things for me anyway.

Then, two years ago, my husband left me and we continued to pay the rest to the lawyer for this case. And that’s when I became a daughter of God, and found my HH. I learned to pray for His victory understanding that God had allowed this difficulty for my good.

Due to just changing the way I prayed, which I learned from this ministry, this year I receive a check for half of what I’d paid and my husband also was paid for his half! I give him totally the Glory for this miracle.

Psalms 21: 3-4 “You gave him what his heart desired, and you did not refuse what his lips asked. For you did not warn him of the blessings of your grace, you put on his head a crown of pure gold.”

Psalm 21:6 “Your victory heaps blessing after blessing upon him. What joy and bliss he tastes, rejoicing before your face!”

~ Miranda in France