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♕ Today's Promise: “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose”. Romans 8:28

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Dear brides,

I want to praise the Lord for the things He does in my life. He has shown me again that He will guide my husband (as an authority over me) right for our lives if I trust Him and observe the principles of the Wise Woman.

We lived in a two-room apartment, which was ideal for a family with one child and in a great location. But my PM wanted to move to his bigger apartment around April this year (costs would be exactly the same). I knew the apartment and the idea of ​​living in it, how it was dispositionally made and how many rooms it was terrible for me, not to mention its location, away from my best friend and other friends. I also had to start working for a few hours at work in August, a few minutes from that small apartment. The PM asked me if I agreed that we were moving. As he asked me, she explained that no and that I would like to stay in the smaller apartment. Over time, however, I found out because of Covid 19 that I would not start work, because it was an event position in the largest venue of events in Slovakia, and almost all events were canceled due to Covid 19. So I told the PM that if he still wanted to, we could move. But inside I had more and more dislike and reluctance, and I did not understand why again the Lord wants such subordination from me when we lived here in peace, engaged, accustomed. Over time, however, it turned out that there was one very important reason why we could no longer stay in that small apartment. And I just stand in amazement and gratitude as the Lord directs things through my PM authority —for our and my good—even though it's against my will at that moment and I don't understand it. 

In July, we found out I was pregnant. So the number of rooms in the new apartment is ideal for us. 🙂

Otherwise, I like the Lord's sense of humor and how he manages things. On June 25, I confessed to the Lord in our check in form that I am afraid to adopt 2 children because of my dreams and that my husband resists going to live in our house, which we bought near my parents, and that I ask Him to help me with this. Yes, and He did it 🙂 I was probably pregnant in those days. And now I'm not afraid anymore, but I'm very happy and I see a lot of positives in that this second baby will come so soon after the first one. 🙂 Isn't He funny? 🙂

Not to mention that since I feel so much more than His bride this year, I believe I will have a supernatural birth. I believed it last year and prayed for it. But it didn't happen. At that moment, I knew that it was because of my little faith and that my relationship with the Lord was not strong enough. But this time it's different and I'm looking forward to writing praise about supernatural childbirth. I know this will happen because this pregnancy compared to my first, I had no morning sickness!!! Hallelujah My Love, Thank you and I love you that you nailed all the curses (including the painful birth) to the cross 2000 years ago and we were healed by your wounds!!!!!! AMEN!!!

That is why I want to encourage you, dear brides. If your husband is not yet a man of God, perhaps he resists God in many ways and you are subject to accepting things according to the decision of your PM, against your will, do not be afraid and trust God completely and continue to follow the principles of the Wise Woman. He will lead him to decide for your good, even though he himself does not yet have a relationship with God and likes to resist. Because in addition to PM, we have NM, who takes wonderful care of us. AMEN !!! 🙂

~ Anissa in Slovakia
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