If you don´t get what you want, it is His protection!

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Hello dear heartbroken ladies,

only very shortly. Today, I have gotten one encouragement and I have to share it with you. “If you get, what you want, it is His will. If you don´t get what you want, it is His protection.” Super, no? 🙂
My restoration was very quick and many principles I knew in my head, but I was not able to live them as my heart was not enough changed. Due to that after our restoration we had very hard time. Please ladies, if you are waiting for your marriage restoration and it seems to you too long, believe me, He is protecting you from more hurting and He is preparing you to be able pass the trails after your restoration. Enjoy this time with Him as much you can, because later you do not have to have enough time for that. Much love Anissa

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2 thoughts on “If you don´t get what you want, it is His protection!”

  1. Dear Anissa, thank you for the encouragement. Your are indeed right. I can remember the moment that i wanted my marriage to restore so bad, that i felt sad why the Lord did not do it for me. But now i am glad that He did not answer. If i would be restore back then, i maybe would ber standing again for a divorce. My Love let me see and know so many things of myself why restoration is not good after the trials i have been in the last couple of months. I am very happy to get to know my Love better🫶

  2. Thank you for sharing this Annisa it is very very true and I really hope that many new brides reading this will understand this. It’s very true that after you restored you have a lot less time to do the courses and learn all the principles.

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