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ha ha ha I do not know what is happening to me but I feel that there is no explanation for how I’m feeling and the situation in which I am.

Since things have changed, since I came to this situation I find myself in, having been denied to leave Mexico to join the Retreat in Nicaragua. Since finding this ministry, my RMI, I know that it seems out of harmony but now that I have been receiving so many things, so many blessings, that I do not even having feels for “things” hahahaha. Now that I am not without, now that I have been receiving material things or blessings, as it turns out, I find I just want to be with my beloved Lord and HH, and it is not that I want to despise or do not want to value what God is giving me through so many people, but I decided to write this report of praise to proclaim to all the readers who find themselves in just “ONE DAY” so horribly crushed. The mockery I felt that the enemy taunted me with left me so sad with God that I had allowed myself to be humiliated and I was very sad with God. But I left it in His hands, and I did not do anything, and once again I am laughing.

I do not know how He makes so much peace, gives me so much happiness, so much truth—I have to say this is too beautiful, I could not keep silent but had to share with all of you who read encouragers. You must know that as God has done it with me, it will also be done with each one of you.

I AM FREE AND I HAVE A UNBEATABLE PEACE. This is too beautiful. Thank God for allowing me to have come to this part of my Journey.

My Love, my Lord, and my Savior, I thank You for loving me and for having looked at me in my disappointment, keeping your Loving eye on me! I LOVE YOU with all my soul and I just want to be with You. You are everything I want, everything I need.

Romans 2:11 For in God there is no respecter of persons.

I want to tell all my dear readers that just as God did it with me, He will do it with you if you allow it. This is beautiful.

~ Tamar in Mexico

Also from Tamar

“Thy will be done!”

Restoring my marriage has ceased to be important or a priority in my life. Instead, seeing my children on the path of truth restored to me was the only thing I had left to ask our Creator!

THANK YOU for allowing me to enjoy this life and for the laughter and benefits I received from You!

“He was despised and rejected of men, a man of sorrows and experienced in affliction; and as one from whom men hide their faces, he was despised, and we do not esteem him. Isaiah 53: 3

~ Tamar in Mexico

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