May Sound Nuts…

Dear Brides, I can attest that the principle "to give" that I learned in "Giving" when you have no idea how even bills will be paid, may sound nuts… But, it holds so true that HE will provide everything you need. This includes paying all your bills. I have been a single mom for most of my life, and HE has always provided every single thing we needed, and much more. HE IS AMAZING, all you need to do is trust and hold onto HIM. Today is Sunday and the 2nd Sunday I have stopped attending church. I'm not going lie, as I do miss my church and the beautiful worship music. But, as I have stated before, I am ALL in into doing what the Lord wants me to do, not what I desire to do. My heart wants and desires to be 100% obedient to HIS call (HH). So, today I woke up, did housework with Him, met a friend, and came home to do my study.

By continuing to remain strong and faithful to HIS promises. I don't feel the need to be "holy" and share how much I give or what I do for others. The Lord knows and that's all that matters. I want no acknowledgment for what is given. My HH brought to my mind that I did not love my EH's children as I should have, because back then I had so much bitterness in my heart. As a result, I wrote a large check (large for me!) to his eldest child (single mom with 2 kids) and told her that all I asked was that she not share my little gift with anyone else. I just am so happy to write checks, and trust the HE will supply all my needs in HIS riches and Glory through Christ Jesus. ALL the Glory be to my Lord, Jesus Christ (HH).

Philippians 4:19 (KJV) But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Have I mentioned how grateful I am to be in the trial?!! I don't mean to sound smug, It's just that HE knew what it would take to change my heart, and I'm SO very grateful. My heart aches with gratitude.

Pray with me as we trust Him in this area.. Dear Lord - please continue to bless me with your peace and guidance and wisdom. You say that all we need to do is ask and you provide all the wisdom we need. Sweet HH, please continue to go before me and BLESS me with this wisdom, joy, peace and strength that surpasses human understanding. Let me honor you with every word that comes from my mouth. Let me bless others. Please continue to bless my job so I can continue to provide for my family and let me honor and trust you with every moment of my life. Thank you dear sweet HH.

I believe in this lesson Chapter 4 "Give it Away" with all my heart, and I do my best to practice it at all times. Yesterday, I met with a dear Christian friend, who hold bible studies in her home and has been a Christian for a long time - but her husband is not a believer. As we talked and shared, this wealth of strength from the Lord lead me to share faith, belief in HIM, and how important it is to be a quiet and contrite wife and that's how her EH will come to know the Lord - by example. It's now me, it was the Lord using me to bless her. I also gave her a copy of RYM. We had such a great time encouraging each other, and I am beyond thankful to be used by HIM. I am SOOOO grateful for all I have right now and feel so blessed, so blessed by HIM. I told Jesus to use me to help other women and to encourage others. I am happy to say I've already given out several of the RYM books and referred many to the website. These principles shared REALLY DO work if we trust the Lord and have complete faith in HIS ability to do what HE, and only HE, has promised. I have been a single mom most of my life, and HE has beyond provided for my daughter and I.

Dear ladies - It is so true, and our HH just longs for our companionship and trust. He will never disappoint or let you down - not ever. These lessons in FAL are food and comfort to the soul. Please take a moment to reflect on HIS goodness and get started to have a brand new life - FOREVER!!!

~ Briella in California

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