Most Beautiful Love Story of your Life

Dear Brides. This is the beginning of the most beautiful love story of your life. No movie or book can ever document the intimacy experienced by beginning this fulfilling journey.

I have been struggling with something that I realised months back must be a part of my Heavenly Loves plan. My former husband sent me a pdf to confirm that the divorce had gone through and I thanked him and asked him for the original documents which I need to have a copy of so that I can do my surname change etc and from then on he went dead silent. He won’t give me those documents and has been stalling to officialise things according to our culture and I have just been feeling so stuck.

As I was feeling that way my Beloved kept reminding me to seek Him more and I went on a prayer journey. As I was on that prayer journey I kept feeling as if it just wasn’t enough and I needed a deeper intimacy. As I read the restored marriage testimony today I could feel the peace and intimacy that the writer experienced and it clicked that it’s exactly what I needed so I immediately came to the Abundant life course Chapter 1 “What Is the Abundant Life?” and this time with the intention of documenting and finishing what I have started.

I thought what I needed was for my marriage to be restored, but I was extremely wrong, in the past couple of months I have honestly grown to enjoy being with just my HH and now I need the next level of intimacy and for us to just move on. I realise that Jesus is all I need and Jesus is all I want and all I should need to live for. On my prayer journey for the past couple of more and more, I realise that I need Him more and more. I have already been spending a large portion of my day with the Lord than I had been doing before and I have realised how much my faith and love for Him has grown.

Isaiah 54:5 “For thy Maker is thine husband; the Lord of hosts is his name and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole earth shall he be called.”

This scripture has just emphasised what the Holy Spirit has been impressing in my heart over the past couple of days. I was being impressed to seek to know more about the Lord than His blessing and now I understand why that has been happening.

Longing for intimacy and to know Him more intimately? Let’s pray: Dear Lord. Thank you for loving me so deeply. I know you led me back to this lesson with the journey we have been going on. Please continue to mold me and to make me into the type of bride you need me to be. I love you so so deeply and if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here today. Please teach me how to fall in love and how to enjoy the deepest intimacy ever with you.

Dear brides, I know it may seem as if your world keeps getting darker but everything changes when you begin to seek for Him more. Jesus is all you need and all you will ever need for the light to conquer that darkness.

Reading this book has made me realise the beauty of having an intimate walk with the Lord.

~ Fariaha

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