On My Side

My HF has shown me so much love through this trial. I was lost and I feel that He is leading me on a journey to show how He will take care of my every need.

A few months ago my check engine light came on and I did not get it looked at (I was in the midst of my trial and very lost, alone, 2 kids, little money). I found out my company was to close and they gave us only a 60-day notice. Because of that, I did not get my car looked at by a mechanic. Although I thought I trusted God, I really didn’t. I come to realize that I had to really trust Him. I didn’t know what I was going to do with my job, now my car and my marriage. I just kept praising my Lord through it all and asked Him to help.

He restored my job (literally our company did not end up closing) and today I had my car looked at. The service manager told me that it may be my engine because I waited too long for an oil change and my timing may have gone in my car. He said that he would change the oil and take it for a test drive to see if that might be the issue and I told him my God would not do that to me. I told him I trusted my God and it would be okay. The service man came back after it was all said and done and said that the check engine light went off and went on to say “But if it comes on while you are going down the road” and I stopped him and said that it would be okay. God is on my side. I drove off without any light coming on. It drives smooth like it is brand new.

The Lord will supply me with all my needs through His riches and glory. Praise the Lord. He is so thoughtful, I spoke to Him on the drive to there and asked that everything would be fine and it wouldn’t cost me a lot of money and He pulled through. Just like He did with my job.

~ Angela in Pennsylvania