Partner 💖 Promise for 2024

This year, with so much happening and so many changes to RMI, HLM "He led me" to WAIT and officially set October 7th as the day that we post the upcoming year's partner promise also to honor my mother, Grace McGovern, who left to be with the Lord 23 years ago.

It was my mother who proofread A Wise Woman chapters (before I knew they were chapters) after loaning me her electric typewriter. She would circle so many things with her red ink and taught me what each symbol meant (I did have a private school education, but you can't learn much when your desk is in the hallway haha as you may have read in A Wise Woman 4 His Princess children's books).

I was a horrible typist, but because He had my heart, my attention, and I had the love of a wonderful mother, I am now able to mother you and be the grandmother, Mimi, to your children. So, with the dedication over here is one of the most special and amazing promises that I hope and encourage you to take to heart and read regularly, asking your Husband how this promise is just for you.

New Year Promise 2024

"If you extract the precious from the worthless, you will become My spokesman."

2024 PFW Extract “PRECIOUS from Worthless” J1519

Be sure to open the link to the Partner Promise, which you can also find on the menu bar just below "Become a 💖 PARTNER," and take a moment to ask your Beloved Husband if this is something He wants you to look into. We'd 💖 LOVE to have you!

As always, I am honored to partner with each of you who are RMI's Partners “for such a time as this” “to preserve many people alive" and take this opportunity to personally THANK YOU for lovingly trusting us and investing your tithe and offering. Each of you makes up the Body— as we continue reaching out to more women (and men) around the world.

"I thank God for every remembrance of you.” ♥‿♥

MUCH MUCH LOVE to each of you!


“My Beloved is mine, and I am His”...“For I am lovesick.”  Song of Solomon 5:8, 2:16 


To each of you who are our LMF and have your own blog and partner page—I apologize for not alerting you to have this ready to post today—but as soon as I mentioned it to my Husband, He assured me this is both easy and light, and by posting on October 8 or 9— you can claim 8th "new beginnings" or 9th "the perfect movement of God" take your pick. 

Encouraging Women!!

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18 thoughts on “Partner 💖 Promise for 2024”

  1. “Precious from the worthless” is what its all about 💕 so blessed this morning to wake up to be led to find the 2024 promise. I have been coming back a lot to read and be fed so l hope that as l meditate on this scripture HE will show me how this promise is just for me ❤️

    1. So glad you’re still spiritually feeding here. I’ve seen quite a lot of wonderful changes happening in your life, Atarah. The one I was most excited about was you doing a bit of “homeschooling” with your children even though you haven’t yet taken the plunge. haha
      And did I notice you’re finishing your MM Certification and finally taking I confess I worried when you posted about a family member (or was it a close friend?) who was Facing Divorce and I was concerned because that book FDA I use those principles all the time and wanted you to have them to give to the ones you care so much about.
      So again, SO GLAD you’re here to finish, Atarah, your ministering isn’t over, it may just be getting started—how exciting!!

  2. Aaahhh thank you for sharing dear Erin, how fortunate you are that your own mum proofread for you. I will also ask my Darling Lord how this promise is for me.

    1. Yes, isn’t that too special? Such wonderful memories and also HLM to post on her birthday—every year. Now don’t forget when I’ve left for heaven to keep the tradition going.

  3. His promise for 2024 is beautiful. I am always excited when He reveals the promise to us. I know when He reveals it to you, it is time to ask Him for mine. I love the verse precious from worthless and will keep it in mind with everything I do.
    Hahahaha and the show being solid gold? Not for a moment do I think that is a coincidence. 🤩 And how wonderful that is shared on your mother’s birthday. I actually remember the electric typewriters. We used it in school. I was a terrible at typing too. 🤣

    1. Gosh, I totally forgot my Husband had me share the solid gold costume for the commercial. He is adamant about breaking free from being “self” conscience and also set free from RMI Religion (if you scroll down you’ll see what I shared with Denise).
      Oh and another terrible typist, we could form a club hahaha

  4. Thank you Erin for this amazing promise that has opened my eyes to something I have asked the Lord concerning my children (whom I am visiting in the U.K at the moment well 3 out of the 4) what do I say to them about HIM then I thought well Win without a Word but it just did not fit. Then you say…He said..when the time comes you will know what to say wow….

    1. Ahhh so nice hearing you’re with your grandchildren in the UK.

      Also, you gave me an opportunity to share something that’s brand new with RMI. My Husband showed me that many who came here began practicing RMI as a Religion when what matters is our RELATIONSHIP with Him and that’s when I realized how easily we fell into the religious pit.
      When we come here as contentious women, we MUST swing our pendulum all the way to the other extreme and remain SILENT until it’s not our response. But He didn’t say, “Gentle and SILENT spirit,” but “Gentle and QUIET spirit” confirmed by “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” And when to speak and when to keep silent happens by asking Him.
      Here, just for you wLL82 YouTube 15-minute Podcast “What Should I Say?”
      Did I already say how happy I am you’ve come back and hope it’s not just for a visit?

      1. I am noticing how He is talking with me about the “SILENT spirit” This is a battle for me, I am not a talking person and He is encouraging me to talk more and more. Thank you for sharing!

      2. Thank you for sharing the Lesson with me was nice to hear your soothing voice again 😊. Yes I am back and not just here for a visit. Thank you for the nice welcome back.

  5. I love this promise since the first time I read it in the Finding the Abundant Life book, Chapter 1 ( Extracting the precious from the worthless is something we must do constantly, like Yvonne shared.

    I love what you shared about your mother’s typewriter and how she helped you to proofread the chapters ❤️. I brought back memories of my mother’s typewriter that she used while she studied to be a teacher, it wasn’t electrical, but it is still standing proudly in my brother’s house as a reminder of my mother ❤️. We also had electric typewriters in school, I was also a terrible typist… 🤣

    1. Oh, what a perfect reminder, Adina! I’d forgotten it was in that lesson! I also loved hearing about your mother’s typewriter and the special place it holds in your family and that you were rubbish at typing too! Believe it or not, it almost prevented me from graduating dental school haha, you needed to type 20 words a minute. Thankfully it wasn’t figured into my GPA haha.

  6. WOW Absolutely so beautiful and what a time for me to emerge….all will be revealed soon

    I am so grateful for RMI in my Life

  7. This is a beautiful promise and as I read it, my Beloved drew my attention to something specific “When the time comes, say what is in your heart” so it is very important that I keep myself well fed, well nourished spiritually, filling my heart with Him. so that what comes out of my mouth is pure and edifying. Then I must trust my Beloved to teach me to extract the precious from the useless and protect it as a treasure in my heart.

  8. I really liked this promise 2024 and the description because at the end, from the mouth comes what is in the heart, and what do we have in our hearts? It is something that we must keep in mind in and outside of the ministry, when people see us and when we are at home, He knows very well what we have, let us fill ourselves so much with His love so that when we speak we are like a hose that draws water with force, Words of love and strength will come out of our mouths to encourage others, even when we feel like we are dry without much to give, that little will be a lot if it is from HIM. We are his precious stone!!!

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