The Perfect Relationship

I have to say that I am guilty of being too discreet at times. I thought I should not say anything to shame my EH but my HH is taking me to another level. I am learning that I have gone through these trials so that I can relate to more women and help bring them to know God as their HH in the future. But if I remain silent, I will cause so many others to suffer needlessly. He is teaching me to discern when and who to talk about my situation. Almost always, it is a woman who is going through similar circumstances and is so encouraged because I was willing to confess my own faults. We don’t need to share details that will shame a husband or uncover anything, it’s we who need to share our own faults and be transparent. I am able to easily discern when a woman is hurting and looking for hope and I can share with them how my HH is taking care of me! I often say that my EH still does everything for me and it is not because I think he is any better than their husbands. Instead, I explain that it’s only because my HH is taking care of me through my this source.

I have been encountering a lot of women who are angry with their EH’s. Most really don’t want any help and only seek to get rid of their EH’s and start over. During these times, I simply SG to know what He wants me to share with these women because I know you can’t help someone who is still fighting. I feel Him telling me that it is by them knowing my circumstance and seeing the peace and joy that comes with depending on my HH is what will motivate them in the future.
Thankfully I haven’t struggled with being attracted to another man during this time. I feel it is because I know that no man can compare or compete with my HH. There are times that the enemy comes in and wants me to be envious of good marriages or wants me to think I married the wrong man. I know these are ploys from the enemy. Overall I have never been as happy as I am now having the perfect relationship with my HH. No man will ever or could ever compare.

If you still haven’t let go of your church, like so many, I honestly did not want to let go of church when the principle was first introduced. I thought if I figured out a way to go to church and not tell my EH then it would be ok to continue going. See when I first started this RJ I had only set out to get my EH back. How foolish I was. I was afraid that I would miss out on fellowship and that I “needed” to go in order to grow closer to God.

I have to tell you that I have a greater fellowship with this group of women then I ever did attending a megachurch. I have grown closer by leaps and bounds in this last year than I ever had in the last 15 years I attended church.

Don’t be afraid to Let Go dear brides. He is there ready and willing to take care of you:).

~ Fernanda

Took the Keys Off His Keychain