w@h “Train your Child (or Grandchild)”

Dear Brides and especially older mothers. Chapter 9 Making the Most of Your Children's Toys can motivate you to really help train your child (or grandchild) with the added bonus of keeping our homes clean and organized. And as I shared, if you have a gift for organizing, I hope you will ask the Lord to give you opportunities to bless at least one young mother—hopefully opening the door for a ministry in your area.

What better way than to establish a friendship with a young woman and share the relationship you found with Him (experiencing His love) than during a time of helping them learn to organize their lives!?!

Condition “Train up a child in the way he should go . . .” Promise: “. . . even when he is old he will not depart from it” (Prov. 22:6). 

Children feel safer and calmer when they are taught and shown what to do, based on their age.

I've read this Chapter 9 Making the Most of Your Children's Toys countless times and have been especially reminded of the wisdom within this chapter in regard to how indulgent we are by giving and buying and giving more toys, toys, toys.

Children become bored when they are surrounded by toys that are scattered in their rooms or the living room or family room or even a designated playroom. Like Erin, I tried the Montessori method, by carefully attempting to arrange everything on open shelves, but it never stayed clean for long, nor did it prevent boredom.

**If you have a gift for organizing, ask the Lord to provide you opportunities to bless young mothers. Don't just go in and DO it, but schedule a time to do it with the mom (while someone watches her little ones). Who knows, this could become your "ministry" and this life-changing method you helped this one young mother, could spread by word of mouth.

“You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how will it be made salty again? It is good for nothing anymore, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.” Matt. 5:13.

*You may not want to offer this to your daughter-in-law (unless she asks). Just trust HIM to open up the opportunity. 🙂

Rereading this has helped me when it comes to my grandchildren visiting. Providing just ONE toy to enjoy, and when the child becomes bored, I can lovingly encourage (and help teach them) how to clean up in order to get another toy out (of a closet that they are not privy to).

“A child who gets his own way brings shame to his mother.” Prov. 29:15.

If you give in to demands by your child (or even a grandchild) it lessens the light that we should be shining as an example of the Lord being in our lives as a calming and peaceful force.

This is a MUST READ book for any woman, whether she is already a grandmother or if not yet married. Everyone is buying bigger and bigger homes and storage units for STUFF we don't need, while clutter surrounds us making everyone feel tired and irritable.

By simply reading this book workers@home, one chapter at a time, and asking the Lord to do the IMPOSSIBLE, you will find your life transformed.

~ Martha in the UK

Workers@Home Course

In each of the 15 weekly lessons, the methods and principles that keep Erin's life running smoothly are there to help you get inspired. The chapters in this book will be your constant resource for getting your life to run smoothly: organizing and scheduling your time, meals, clutter, cleaning, laundry, and even sewing. Whether you need help managing the time God has given you, or an easier way to get things done, you will refer to this book again and again!

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