Announced that I Would be Baptized

So much has happened in the last few weeks in my life, it would take me days to explain what the Lord has done and allowed.

To summarize at the end of the 1st week of January, I was led to be baptized without the full knowledge of the process, from then revelation, dreams and everything that occupied my mind was just that.  About a week later I sat down outside of my son’s tennis lesson searching about baptism and to see if my mother’s church would baptize me even though I stopped going there a long time ago.

Every time I put my search on the web, I got a very specific location showing up instead of the process on baptism, even when I changed the wording. It was strange because the location is a location I have been to, many times for my kids Football.

I kept asking the Lord, what is going on? This is a High School, what does this have to do with water Baptism? I proceeded to open the address/link then was redirected to a church link that perform water baptism any day of the week for anyone that is led to such.

I prayed and had a conversation with my HH “Heavenly Husband” to tell him, that he knows me too well not to know that I could never do such a thing, to just show up somewhere I knew no one and approach them to  do something I never desired to do especially in a place I never knew existed ten minutes from my new home. I still cannot explain it, when you pray for the Lord to have his way with you, to make his will your will; he answers in ways you know it’s His doing, you just have to be obedient.

I headed out without knowing what was next, feeling like someone was holding my hand while saying follow me.

I drove to the school parking lot, never been inside to know anything about the school except the football field. I sat in my car in the parking lot asking the Lord, what am I doing here? I can’t do this, there is so many cars here, I can’t walk inside, people are going to think who is this person? Eyes are going be on me, it was so overwhelming, I am still without words to fully understand what had happened. Minutes later after asking a million questions, I felt such peace and strength to walk out of my car and follow some people that was entering what I know now to be the High school Auditorium that is big enough to fit 800 plus people, and it was more than halfway full.

I went inside and asked who the church leader/pastor was, they walked me back outside to the man that greeted me to be the pastor. I asked for five minutes of his time, and the process to be baptized, he told me I would have to come back on Wednesday for a class then go from there. I am still not sure who was talking through me but, I told him that I was led here to be baptized today and a few more things that I would normally not say to anyone about being led to do anything.

He looked at me like wow you are being obedient and said let us go through the service pray and at the altar call let HIM guide you and us as to what to do. By the end of the service, he announced that I would be baptized today and I was. This was a day to remember, I never cried so much in my life, the peace, the freedom and the message of that day spoke directly to me.

Without knowing my situation, the message was about God as a restorer, and how divorce rate in the churches are too high. They shared progress on their Church mission that was so aligned with RMI’s mission it left me speechless. The intimacy they enforce people to seek with Jesus is amazing. Some of the restored lives and health testimonies I heard was amazing.

Knowing I am married, I was shortly introduced to a few women groups that use their homes for prayers for families and marriages and how to keep their house build on the Rock! Some groups do a book club on marriage. Oh how that was an answered prayer from God about how I can be of service for the Lord to share what I had received from RMI. I have so far or since then shared my blessings from RMI’s principles and I have offered them the Wise Women book for their book club.  PTL!

I have also shared “How God Can and will restore your Marriage” to another women that is considering divorcing her EH on the basis of what she shared, she has a very strong veil over her eyes and I am confident if she reads the book she will see that she will be making the biggest mistakes of her life.

I am excited to share the secret in my heart about RMI as I meet the brokenhearted to help the church in their work to trust that God can and will eliminate the divorce rate in the church!

~ Angel in Florida
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