I GIVE Him my Struggles He GIVES me His Joy

Dear Brides, Our HH gives us the Abundant life to live in order for us to GIVE to others. That is what the writer of this book says is the secret to Living the Abundant life in Chapter 2 “Giving is the Secret“.

It must be true because I feel like I am Living the Abundant Life and I feel like I have so much hope and encouragement to GIVE telling other Brides just how wonderfully He has given to me and how He has blessed me over and over again and have been living a life free of worry and struggles. It has become such a joy and a blessing to GIVE my struggles to Him by surrendering and as I GIVE Him my struggles He GIVES me His joy and peace in return and blessings that I would not even have believed could happen!

Well, I have been having ongoing struggles with my laptop. About a month back it started giving me hassles, it does not update and just switches off without any type of warning. Twice now I have lost what I have typed journaling. It has been soooo frustrating and I really don’t know that much about the intricate workings of computers… My EH mentioned buying a new one for me or getting his cousin to look at it. I decided to surrender it to Him to sort out…. Weeks later, when I desperately needed to get some work done it totally died on me!!!

My EH managed to get me a really good laptop at a really good price the very next day! I know that it was my HH that provided because He knew what I needed and how desperately I needed it at that time! 🙂

Before I got married I made applications to work on a cruise liner. I desperately wanted to travel. I have always wanted to see the world and I love exploring new places and being in nature. I love watching travel documentaries and meeting new people. One morning my EH out of the blue said why don’t we look into traveling somewhere internationally on holiday or have a look at taking a cruise!!

Then my HH didn’t just stop there He set everything up for my EH and me to walk past Flight Centre and to have enough time for us to speak to a Consultant to inquire. The decision was made then and there to go on a Cruise with our kids!! 🙂

Brides, you know I am just bursting to tell you how amazing this HH is!! My mind boggles and I cannot comprehend how He just loves me so much to want to give me every desire of my heart since I AM HIS!! His Bride. He has orchestrated everything. Last year we could NOT even afford to go on holiday now He is sending us on a Cruise because He has blessed and increased our finances 🙂

Pray with me:) My Love, make the changes in me and give me more wisdom and continue to show me what you want me to know about this Chapter 2 “Giving is the Secret”

Dear Brides, I want to tell you that when you start Finding the Abundant Life and move onto Living the Abundant Life Courses that you must not rush, take each chapter and allow Him to show you by asking Him what He wants to show you about YOUR life. This is not just books to be read, a fairy-tale that was written, this book is to encourage you to FIND your life of abundance by ASKING AND ENQUIRING of Him about your life.

I am amazed at what He is showing me He wants to do in my life. Allow Him to do the same by not just reading this book but asking Him what He wants to do in your life and accepting the scripture you read from this book as your own personal blessings.

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