Wearing my Rings until the Divorce is Final

I’ve been battling this particular hurdle–the wedding rings principle–for a month or two now. I’ve felt convicted by several reminders that I should still be wearing my rings, but I was nervous about what my EH would think. I had originally taken them off in front of him (“tough love”…so foolish!) when I confronted him about the OW. I had a big problem letting go, so I was afraid that he would think I was still trying to hold on if I put my rings back on.

Ultimately, I realized that what God thinks is what matters, not what my EH thinks! After reading the wedding rings lesson, I immediately went to the drawer where my rings were stored and put them back on. I had slipped them on a time or two before today but took them back off almost immediately. This time is different: if me wearing my rings until the divorce is final is what will please the Lord, I will keep them on until that day. I am thinking about what kind of ring I’d like to wear when I am only His, though! <3

Dear Sister, you may be afraid to put your wedding rings BACK on if you’re like me. I was afraid of what my husband would think since I had a problem with “letting go” before finding RMI. I also wondered what my family would think since they are all pretty angry with my EH. But sister…what God thinks is infinitely more important than what your husband or anyone else thinks! If your divorce hasn’t been finalized, put those rings back on until it has.

“He who heeds the word wisely will find good, And whoever trusts in the Lord, happy is he.” Proverbs 16:20 NKJV

When you devote your life to the Lord, his thoughts and opinions are what matters more than anything else. Acquaint yourselves with His law through His word, then follow it. As you can see here, He says you will find good if you do! Trust in Him to bring that promise to life.

~ Cassandra

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